November 2, 2016


Trump, Waking a 'Sleeping Giant,' Helps Clinton Build an Unlikely Firewall (JONATHAN MARTIN and ALEXANDER BURNS, NOV. 2, 2016, NY Times)

"He has woken up the sleeping giant," Ms. Lorenzo, a native of Venezuela, said as she stood in a local Democratic campaign headquarters here in the desert between Phoenix and Tucson.

By driving women, educated white voters and, most significantly, growing blocs of minorities away from the Republican Party, Mr. Trump has hastened social and political changes already well underway in two key regions, the interior West and the upper South, that not long ago tilted to the right.

Now, even as Hillary Clinton contends with inflamed Democratic anxiety over renewed scrutiny of her private email server, these once-red areas -- a string of states that voted twice for George W. Bush -- are providing an unexpected firewall for her campaign.

Democrats are already strongly confident of victory in three of them -- Colorado, Nevada and Virginia -- and believe that a fourth, North Carolina, is likely to break their way as well. 

Hatred of the majority is a losing proposition for a political party.

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