November 24, 2016


Common Core Foes Are Really Worried About Trump's Ed Sec Choice (Blake Neff, 11/18/2016, Daily Caller)

Notably, Moskowitz, Rhee, and DeVos have all shown support for Common Core. [...]

Similarly, The Federalist editor and Common Core critic Joy Pullman said Trump would be totally repudiating his campaign rhetoric if he chose Rhee or any other person not committed to eliminating Common Core. In fact, she argued, the only true way to fulfill Trump's pledge is to try dismantling the Department of Education entirely.

Despite all the concern, though, it seems unlikely that Trump can actually do anything to eliminate Common Core. Adoption and continued use of the standards is entirely controlled by state and local governments; while the Obama administration used stimulus funds to encourage Common Core's adoption, those funds have been exhausted and nothing currently compels states to remain on Common Core. They all have the power to leave, and a few, such as Oklahoma, already have. Furthermore, the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), the current law governing education, prohibits the federal government from coercing states regarding the standards they use. (RELATED: Donald Trump's Common Core Pledge Makes No Sense)

In order to root out Common Core, then, Trump would have to replace or ignore ESSA and intervene at the state level to get rid of Common Core. That would hardly comport with Trump's rhetoric about having education controlled at the local level.

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