November 19, 2016


The GOP's Trump Card in the States : Republicans took the White House in a shocker, but the party has been on a roll at the state and local level throughout the Obama years. (Steven Malanga, November 13, 2016, City Journal)

Dismayed Democrats, wondering if Bernie Sanders might have fared better against Donald Trump than Hillary Clinton did, should be sobered by what happened in Sanders's home state. True-blue Vermont, ranked by Gallup as America's most Democratic state, nonetheless elected a Republican governor on Tuesday, when small businessman and stock-car racer Phil Scott, the state's lieutenant governor, cruised to victory against Democrat Sue Minter, its former transportation secretary.

Scott's win was part of another significant Election Day at the local level for Republicans, who have made massive gains in the states throughout the Obama years. On Tuesday, in addition to Vermont, the GOP flipped party control of the governor's mansion in New Hampshire and Missouri, while defending every seat it held, except perhaps Pat McCrory's in North Carolina, where the election remains too close to call. In addition, the GOP seized control of the legislatures in Kentucky and Iowa. When the dust clears, Republicans will hold at least 33 governors' mansions, up from 22 when Obama took office. That's the most GOP governorships in 95 years. Republicans will also boast control of as many as 33 state legislatures, up from just 14 in 2008. In more than half of all states, Republicans now own a "trifecta," that is, control of the governorship and both legislatures. Democrats have a mere six trifectas.
Republicans are now winning big even in places that still vote Democratic in presidential elections.

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