November 21, 2016


Romney at State Would Be Disastrous (DANIEL LARISON, November 21, 2016, American Conservative)

Putting Romney at State would be a poor choice on the merits, though it would certainly be no worse than picking Giuliani. Like Giuliani, Romney has no foreign policy experience to speak of, and he has consistently derided every effort at diplomatic engagement over the last eight years. I can think of few other top positions in government for which Romney is more poorly-suited. Unless Romney completely reinvented himself once again, his foreign policy views would be just as bad as Bolton's or Giuliani's, and I have a hard time believing that a Romney-led State Department would pursue improved ties with Russia. Romney would bring with him everything that was and is wrong with conventional Republican foreign policy, and he would presumably be an advocate for all of the confrontational policies that he supported during his last presidential campaign. Neither would be good for U.S. foreign policy. If the choice really is down to Giuliani or Romney, the next administration will have a very aggressive and hawkish Secretary of State, and there will be no point in pretending otherwise.

Did the Right really think Donald was going to be Isolationist any more than the UR was going to be when the Left devoutly hoped?

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