November 17, 2016


EXPLAINED: Is Jared Kushner Family Feud With Chris Christie Torpedoing Trump Transition? (Daniel J. Solomon, November 17, 2016, The Forward)

More than a decade ago, the current New Jersey governor and former prosecutor put Kushner's father, the real estate developer Charles Kushner, in prison for witness tampering, illegal campaign donations and tax evasion. And if signs are to be trusted, the son has not forgiven the sins committed against the father.

Bloomberg News reported on Wednesday that Jared Kushner has been attempting to sideline Christie and his allies in the transition process, something that has slowed down the effort considerably. Earlier in the week, Jared Kushner helped oust the Christie-appointed Mike Rogers, the former head of the Intelligence Committee, as leader of the transition's national security team.

This comes on the heels of last Thursday's departure of Christie as the head of the transition. He was replaced at the top of the operation by Mike Pence following the president-elect's upset victory in last week's contest.

Christie has been clouded by scandal related to the Bridgegate controversy -- the incident in which Christie advisers shut down the George Washington Bridge three years ago to retaliate against a local mayor who refused to endorse his reelection campaign. Two of his aides were convicted this month for crimes related to this episode.

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