November 27, 2016


Robots could diagnose your cough within the next ten years  (Brian Patrick Byrne, Geektime)

Medical professionals will be able to use artificial intelligence to diagnose patients and decipher the best method of treatment within the next 10 years, according to the co-founder of a company that provided health analytics tools to hospitals.

Allen Kamer, who helped found Humedica, a US-based company that later reportedly sold for "hundreds of millions," according to the Boston Business Journal, claimed that within the next decade, medical AI will be able to provide what he described as "personalized medicine."

Speaking at the eighth annual Geektime Conference in Tel Aviv, Kamer told the audience that, "In the long term, I imagine a scenario where when a patient goes to their physician with their symptoms, there's a lot of other external data that comes with that patient that's informing the physician. Everything from behavioral information, [to] how the patient will respond to particular types of treatment."

"I don't just mean pharmaceutical treatment, but I mean a digital intervention. I mean the type of clinician that would interact with that patient, and really, a whole profile of what's going to work best for this type of patient. AI comes to personalized medicine. I think it's a decade out but I think the toolsets ... are really starting to permeate the market."

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