October 11, 2016


The Inside Story Of Donald Trump's Comedy Central Roast Is Everything You Thought It Would Be (Daniel Libit, 10/11/16, Huffington Post)

The woman who was supposed to take Donald Trump's coat wasn't hot enough.

It was March 8, 2011, and Comedy Central's "Roast of Donald Trump" was set to film the next day.

The plan called for Trump to be driven onto the stage in a gilded golf cart flanked by beautiful women. There, he'd hand his coat to another woman before taking his seat on the roastee's throne. But during the dress rehearsal, Trump grabbed Robert Ferkle, who served as the production's stage manager.

The proposed woman, Trump said, was "not somebody he wanted to be associated with at that moment," Ferkle recalled. "In other words, she was not pretty enough."

To appease Trump, Comedy Central moved the actress elsewhere on the stage, Ferkle said. The show went on.

And what a show it would be.

The Huffington Post interviewed most key figures in planning the roast, and obtained copies of draft jokes marked up by Trump's trademark black Sharpie.

Just months before Trump would decide not to run in the 2012 presidential race, he was doing battle with roast producers over whether they could make fun of his hair. One of the most remarkable things about Trump is his seeming inability to laugh ― not just at himself, but period. Think about it. Have you ever seen Trump laugh?

Comedy is conservative; Donald isn't.

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