October 2, 2016


The Trump Foundation Can't Even Legally Solicit Donations! (Josh Voorhees, 10/02/16, Slate)

The lack of certificate, which was confirmed by the New York AG's office, isn't some inconsequential paperwork mistake either. A charity that solicits more than $25K a year is required by New York law to have the certificate and, as a result, may undergo annual audits from independent accountants. Without the certificate (and audit), Trump's foundation was able to operate with far less oversight. If the Trump Foundation is found to have violated the law, the New York attorney general could order it to stop raising money and, with a court's permission, even force it to return any money it raised illegally.

According to the charity-tax experts who spoke to the Post, if the Trump Foundation would have filed the paperwork it was supposed to, outside accountants would have had a chance to check its books, as well as to ask explicitly whether the foundation had spent any money that benefited Trump or his businesses. In short, they would have been far more likely to spot any number of the red flags that Fahrenthold has uncovered over the past year through his dogged and near-heroic reporting on the foundation, including: the illegal political donation the Trump Foundation made to Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, the foundation cash that appears to have been used to settle Trump's personal and business disputes, and the $10,000 the foundation paid for a portrait of Trump that now hangs in one of his golf clubs.

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