October 9, 2016


Trump's disdain for preparation adds to debate pressures (Matt Viser, OCTOBER 08, 2016, Boston Globe)

Donald Trump's top executives pleaded with him to prepare for his grilling by opposing lawyers, a high-stakes moment in a mid-1990s legal dispute over redevelopment of the legendary Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles.

"He said, 'No, I don't need any preparation,'" recalled one of the executives, Barbara Res. "'No, no, no. No [expletive] way.'"

Eventually, Trump relented, agreeing to give his lawyers two hours to get him ready for the hostile deposition. But even during the allotted time, he kept answering phones and allowing people to enter the office and interrupt.

"He didn't get prepared," Res said. "And the next day at the deposition, it was obvious he was not prepared."

Trump's disdain for preparation, in this case as part of a losing legal fight over the hotel site, is part of his persona, rooted in his surpassing self-confidence. And thus far, based on his weak performance in the first presidential debate and his sometimes shaky command of policy or facts, it appears to be costing him now in his White House quest. [...]

"There's two things going on: One is his inability to focus," said Res, who had been an executive vice president of the Trump Organization, spending 12 years with Trump. "The other is him being convinced that he knows everything."

...but no one whose three core talking points--nativism, Islamophobia, and anti-Mexican/anti-Chinese opposition to trade--are at odds with 60%+ of the American people can even be competitive in an American general election. It was over when he was nominated instead of Jeb, Kasich or Rubio.

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