October 13, 2016


Between US and Saudi Arabia, a growing clash of values : US claims that Saudi Arabia is not doing enough to combat terror have left the kingdom exasperated - and seeking new allies. (Taylor Luck, Correspondent OCTOBER 13, 2016, CS Monitor)

When the United States Congress voted to override a presidential veto and clear the way for US citizens to sue foreign states for supporting terrorism, it highlighted a major weakness in US-Saudi relations: two allies shifting in opposite directions.

The passage of the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA), as well as mounting concerns over Saudi Arabia's increased targeting of civilians in Yemen, portray Washington and Riyadh as allies of convenience whose fundamental values clash.

Many members of Congress and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton are increasingly accusing Saudi Arabia of being an incubator for terror and a human-rights violator. Indeed, Saudi Arabia faces an image problem. Though it has been attacked by the Islamic State six times in the past year and a half, Saudi Arabia's links to hard-line Wahhabi Islam and prominent citizens' support for groups such as Al Qaeda make it a target.

They should be even more worried than Putin obviously is about a Clinton presidency.
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