September 21, 2016


GOP Megadonor Pledges $2 Million to Help Latino Voters Defeat Trump (Eric Levitz, 9/21/16, New York)

Mike Fernandez, a billionaire Republican donor, is pledging $2 million to help register new Latino voters in Florida, and then turn them out for Hillary Clinton on Election Day.

Historically, Latinos have been drastically underrepresented in America's voting booths. Among registered voters, the demographic is much less likely to turn out on Election Day than whites or African-Americans. What's more, there are millions of Hispanic legal residents who are eligible for citizenship but have neglected to apply for naturalization. These facts -- combined with Latino voters' antipathy for Donald J. Trump -- have made expanding the Hispanic slice of the electorate a top priority for the Clinton campaign.

Thus, funding Latino registration and turnout efforts offers Fernandez a means of opposing the GOP nominee -- even if he can't quite bring himself to bankroll a Democrat (Fernandez does plan to vote for Hillary Clinton in November).

"As a lifelong Republican, I cannot support a Party I no longer recognize," Fernandez told Politico, explaining that he could not understand how the GOP "could not distance itself from a man who has taken such liberties with the facts that calling him a liar would not suffice."

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