September 11, 2016


The alt-right emerges joyous into the light -- and then they argue. About Jews. (Ron Kampeas, September 11, 2016, JTA)

A journalist asked if there were women among the alt-right leadership; there were a few, Taylor said, but male leadership was likelier, because it was. Spencer said there were plenty of women "fans" - not activists or contributors, mind you, but "fans", in all its intimations of ebullience and unalloyed groupie-love.

There were mild disagreements. Taylor wanted the instruments of government removed as a means of encouraging like races to gravitate toward one another and self-sovereignty, believing that outcome was a natural evolution. Spencer wanted to formally establish a white ethno-state.

These were quibbles, fodder for a friendly argument later in the Willard bar, where the trio said they could be found after the formal part of the day was through.

And then there was the Jewish question.

"I tend to believe that European Jews are part of our movement," Taylor said. "I think it is unquestionable there has been an over-representation by Jews (among) individuals that have tried to undermine white legitimacy," he said, but the same is true of Episcopalians, he said. "Does that mean all Jews are enemies of the white race? I reject that."

Taylor insisted there was no room for Jews in his white ethno-state - he was happy to work with the Jewish ethno-state, he said, a tiresome reduction of what Israel signifies, but Jews would not assimilate. "I think most on the alt-right recognize that Jews have their identity, and they're not European," he said. "Jews have a very different history."

Brimelow tried to mediate between Spencer and Taylor, saying that Jews seemed all right, but that Jewish organizations were on "the wrong side." Soon, however, he was digressing back to his imagined dystopia. "Jews are disproportionately represented in every kind of craziness," he continued, and "if my pessimism about the future of the country is correct, they will pay for it," presumably at the hands of his three armed little girls, including the brunette.

Spencer was unswayed, continuing, "Europeans are Europeans and Jews are Jews, to call Jews European is to insult them."

Taylor, his modulated tones slightly unmodulating, rejoined: "I don't think that a Jewish person who identifies with the West or with Europe is something we should deny," he said. Not many Jews would think of themselves that way, he said, "but I don't think it's an insult to them" to give them the option.

The talk quickly returned to an area of assent, white identity, and feathers were unruffled.

"I want my grandchildren to look like my grandparents," Taylor said, "not like Fu Manchu or Whoopi Goldberg or Anwar Sadat."

There were nods of agreement and more pledges to continue the conversation in the Willard bar.

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