September 19, 2016


Hillary Clinton Is Absolutely Right, 'Pepe' Meme Is Antisemitic - An Apology (Louise Mensch, September 19, 2016, Heat Street)
A week or so ago we published a piece by a valued contributor, Ian Miles Cheong, one of our best gaming writers, stating that the Pepe the Frog meme is not antisemitic and that Hillary Clinton's explainer was wrong.

That piece was inaccurate. We apologize for publishing it. The piece was floated and rejected in a story meeting yet somehow, at high volume, this one slipped through the net.

Ian wrote:

Like any other exploitable meme, Pepe has also been cast as a Nazi. But no single group or ideology has ownership of the meme.

That is untrue. While Pepe, once a harmless frog meme, may have started out as a widely used meme, the frog is now a symbol of the Nazi Jew-baiting of the alt-right. [...]

As we approach the High Holy Days, we at Heat Street are well aware of the torrent of antisemitic abuse perpetrated online, of whom Donald Trump supporters on 4Chan are amongst the worst offenders, usually making use of the Pepe meme. [...]

I have discussed this matter with our contributor and showed him the evidence. He offered to delete the original post but we decided it is more in the spirit of No Safe Spaces to admit our own foul-ups. 

Antisemitism and racism is not acceptable and minimising the holocaust imagery of the SJW Nazis, the Alt-Right, is also not acceptable. On this matter, Hillary Clinton was undoubtedly correct and there can be 
no dispute about it. We apologize for inadvertently dismissing the antisemitism of the alt-right and Pepe, and stand with the Jewish people and all victims of genuine racism

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