September 6, 2016


Save the Republican Party: Vote for Clinton (JAMES K. GLASSMAN, SEPT. 6, 2016, NY Times)

Last month, 50 former officials from G.O.P. administrations issued a scathing indictment of Mr. Trump, saying he would be the "most reckless president in American history." Yet only a few of these Republicans have so far said they will vote for Mrs. Clinton.

I have some sympathy with this position, but it is a cop-out. If you think Mr. Trump is so lacking in experience and judgment that he shouldn't have his finger on the nuclear trigger, then you are saying he is not just a bad candidate; you are saying he is a threat to the nation. You have an obligation to defeat him, no matter what you think of Mrs. Clinton.

I'm voting for Mrs. Clinton because, despite her deficiencies, she will make a better president. But I have another reason. Defeating Mr. Trump soundly will help save the Republican Party. If he wins, a party built on freedom and internationalism will become entrenched as a party of authoritarianism and isolation, which means that within a few years it will atrophy and die.

This year, Republican Senate candidates who should be winning are instead in deep jeopardy. I'll be working to elect these candidates, and after Mr. Trump loses, I'll work to rebuild the party in hopes of running a strong and sensible nominee against Mrs. Clinton in 2020.

Unfortunately, the Trump campaign has already cost the Republican Party its credibility. Out of some twisted notion of loyalty, party leaders previously seen as devoted to conservative ideals and policy are now viewed widely as unprincipled cynics. And they deserve to be. How do you recover from that?

For a Republican to vote for a Democrat -- and publicly declare it -- involves a cost. You can lose business, or lose friends. You won't get a job in a Clinton administration, and certainly not in a Trump administration.

But if you really think that Mr. Trump is a threat to your country, the right thing to do is to take the next step. Don't just say you won't vote for him. Vote against him.

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