September 30, 2016


Donald Trump's debate defeat has sent him into a raging tailspin (DANIEL DALE, Sept. 30, 2016, Toronto Star)

At the first presidential debate, Hillary Clinton questioned her opponent's temperament.

And she beat him. So, naturally, he set about proving her right.

Donald Trump's lopsided Monday defeat has sent him into a raging tailspin. Over the course of four days, in ways that seem far more vitriolic than strategic, the Republican presidential candidate has lashed out at Clinton, her husband, the media, the moderator, and a Latina former beauty queen about whom he posted a bizarre attack on Twitter before dawn on Friday.

"This is the worst post-debate spin in world history," Rick Tyler, a MSNBC political analyst and a former spokesman for Trump rival Ted Cruz, said in an interview. "The debate was bad enough. And he just has compounded all his problems. The Clinton camp must be overjoyed. They are playing him like a fiddle." [...]

"He has an image of himself of never losing. He's a winner. So if he's perceived as having lost on an issue, he can't let it go. That's why he needs to get into conspiracy theories," John Ziegler, a conservative talk radio host and Trump critic, said in an interview.

"It's clearly all out of ego. He has an incredibly large ego, he's massively insecure, he's incredibly easy to bait. And it's hard for me to see at this point how he turns it around," he said. "It's all about saving face, it's all about saving his ego, it's all about his own insecurities."

It still seems more likely that he'll drop out than that he'll submit to an electoral thrashing.

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