September 24, 2016


On Jacoby Brissett's touchdown, it's a case of walk before run (Keith Pearson, September 24, 2016, Boston Herald)

The play that will stick out from Jacoby Brissett's first NFL start Thursday night was the rookie quarterback's 27-yard touchdown run late in the first quarter that gave the Patriots a 10-0 lead.

After initially faking a give to LeGarrette Blount running left, Brissett rolled to the right and was able to break into space as Shaq Mason blocked Benardrick McKinney, the linebacker to that side, who had initially started to follow Blount.

At the 6-yard line, Brissett made a quick shift to his left and watched as free safety Andre Hal whiffed on a tackle and Malcolm Mitchell blocked downfield to neutralize cornerback Johnathan Joseph.

Making the play all the more impressive was that it was only installed during the weekly walk-through according to Patriots coach Bill Belichick.

"We thought we could get outside and there wasn't really anybody left out there but the corner who was in man coverage and it's just a question of -- once we got outside -- it was just a question of when the free safety would get there or if an inside linebacker would be able to get there quick enough, but because LeGarrette flowed across the formation that dragged the linebackers with him and so there was, as you saw, nobody left," Belichick said during a conference call yesterday.

"The timing of the play between Jacoby and Shaq was really perfect, which is remarkable considering the fact we've never run the play other than just a walk-through. But Shaq cut McKinney down at the perfect time as Jacoby was getting outside of him. McKinney just didn't really have a chance to recover."

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