September 2, 2016


Donald Trump's Immigration Speech-and His All-In Bet on White Working-Class Voters (DAVID KOCHEL, Sep 1, 2016, WSJ)

Mr. Trump cleared up the confusion once and for all: There will be a wall. Mexico will pay for it. Sanctuary cities will be defunded. Criminals will be deported starting immediately at noon, Jan. 20, 2017. And all 11 million people thought to be in this country illegally are "subject to deportation."

So much for the "softening" Mr. Trump previewed last week. He seems to have made the calculation that he can't expand his base to include supporters of immigration reform. Those voters, many of them suburban, college-educated Republicans, have been trouble for Mr. Trump since he came down the escalator in June 2015. Whatever disagreement existed within the campaign has been clarified: They're betting it all on the white working-class vote that delivered Mr. Trump the Republican nomination.

As the share of white voters drops by two percentage points every election cycle, Mr. Trump is making a risky wager. 

'He Used Us as Props': Conservative Hispanics Deplore Donald Trump's Speech (ALAN RAPPEPORT, SEPTEMBER 1, 2016, NY Times)

Donald J. Trump faced a backlash on Thursday from some of his top conservative Hispanic supporters, who said their hopes that he was softening his immigration policy had been dashed by his fiery speech Wednesday night, which they said was anti-immigrant.

Mr. Trump, the Republican presidential nominee, had shown signs in recent weeks that he was prepared to take a more conciliatory approach to immigrants who had entered the country illegally, dropping talk of a deportation force and instead speaking of treating those immigrants in a fair and humane fashion.

Less than two weeks ago, he held a meeting with his Hispanic advisory council in Trump Tower, leaving attendees with the impression that he was working on a new plan that included a path to citizenship.

That impression faded in Phoenix on Wednesday night.

"There was so much hope," said Jacob Monty, a member of the Hispanic advisory council who was at the meeting with Mr. Trump. "He used us as props."

Whereas he normally only uses you for construction and Housekeeping....

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