August 2, 2016


Jamie Dimon just put America's standing in the world in perspective (Matt Turner, August 1, 2016, Business Insider)

"I'm going to talk about the United State patriotically for a second. We have the best military on the planet, the best military barriers ever built, called the Atlantic and the Pacific. Very peaceful and friendly neighbors called Mexico and Canada. Some of the best universities on the planet, some of the best businesses on the planet, great work ethic, great rule of law, other than how it often applies to banks. The widest and deepest financial markets that the world's ever seen. You don't get that in Brazil, Russia, India, China. I'm not making fun of them. We have all the food, water and energy we should need. Again, you don't get that [elsewhere]. And I'm saying this out of respect for China. They don't have enough food, water and energy. They have 500 million people living in poverty and they have a lot of very tough neighbors in the neighborhood. So you know, we, America, should look at what we do very well. Our future is going to be unbelievable."

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