August 4, 2016


Donors losing patience with Trump (Jonathan Swan, 8/03/16, The Hill)

Both Manafort and the Trump children are trying to get the candidate back on message -- back to talking about the economy and Hillary Clinton and her ethical problems.

But there are more basic problems with the Trump campaign that continue to frustrate senior officials and allies.

Trump's lack of discipline on Twitter remains an issue, despite several aides now working on his Twitter feed.

"I would break his f---ing thumbs if I could ... because he can't stop f---ing tweeting," said the Trump fundraiser. 

The fundraiser said things had gotten so bad over the past 48 hours that there was no point in making fresh fundraising pitches on Wednesday. The only calls at the moment involve donors venting their anger, the fundraiser said.

"You know what a lot of donors are talking about? It's that Trump is saying that the race is rigged ... because he can't accept blame. ... He's one of these personalities who can never say he's wrong, never say he's made a mistake.  

"There's nothing rigged," the fundraiser added. "Look, if a few dead people vote in Chicago or Pennsylvania, who cares? That isn't going to be the difference."

Another senior member of Trump's fundraising team told The Hill that donors are sending messages and emails saying, "Tell Trump to stay on message and keep attacking Hillary and stop the other antics." 

"People don't understand what he's doing," the fundraiser said on Wednesday. "He's not attacking Hillary, he's attacking our own. You eat your young, right?" 

"Do I feel uncomfortable? I've felt uncomfortable all along. The question is when do you lose your enthusiasm and stop working as hard."

Wealthy Republicans Campaign For Hillary Clinton, Reject Trump  (Reuters, 8/04/16)

Groups of wealthy Republicans unhappy with Donald Trump have been privately courting prominent peers to join them in backing Democrat Hillary Clinton's U.S. presidential bid, several people involved in the effort told Reuters.

They say they are seeking money and endorsements from other Republicans disillusioned by Trump, their party's candidate for the Nov. 8 presidential election. Some have received encouragement from Clinton and members of her campaign staff.

"I made the decision that I wouldn't be able to look at my grandkids if I voted for Trump," said Dan Webb, a former federal prosecutor and a self-described "Republican for decades" working to win over prominent Republican business people in Chicago. [...]

Groups formed to support Clinton include Republicans for Her 2016, run by Republican lobbyist Craig Snyder; a grassroots organization called R4C16, led by John Stubbs and Ricardo Reyes, officials in former President George W. Bush's administration; and the Republican Women for Hillary group co-led by Jennifer Pierotti Lim, an official at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

 Obama Is Right about Trump (KEVIN D. WILLIAMSON, August 4, 2016, National Review)

Yes, Obama is a preening mediocrity and a genuine dullard in the matter of international relations -- but is what he said about Trump true? 

Of course it is true. 

Dennis Prager, who in January insisted that "Trump is unfit to be president" and that arguments about Supreme Court appointments were mostly baloney because there is no reason to have "confidence that he would nominate conservatives to the Supreme Court," is lecturing Trump critics that we must support him in order to "prevent a left-wing Supreme Court." Prager should read Prager. 

Prager, who sells books about anti-Semitism, is among those getting into bed with every Jew-hating weirdo not named Al Sharpton to elect a candidate who opposes conservative ideas at nearly every turn, and who is -- even Obama gets one right every now and again -- morally and intellectually unfit for the office, and he is doing so on the strength of a Supreme Court argument that Prager himself thought was bumf just a few months ago. 

Donald Trump could very well nominate Judge Judy to the Supreme Court. 

If your argument is, "Regardless, I prefer him to Hillary Rodham Clinton," okey-dokey. But let's be honest about what exactly it is you prefer to Mrs. Clinton, what manner of man you would see entrusted with the most powerful political portfolio on Earth. If you are going to do that, then you should have the intellectual honesty and the moral courage to be straight and plain about what it is you are doing.  

Gaps in Melania Trump's immigration story raise questions (BEN SCHRECKINGER and GABRIEL DEBENEDETTI, 08/04/16, Politico)

The racy photos of the would-be first lady, published in the New York Post on Sunday and Monday, inadvertently highlight inconsistencies in the various accounts she has provided over the years. And, immigration experts say, there's even a slim chance that any years-old misrepresentations to immigration authorities could pose legal problems for her today.

While Trump and her husband, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, have said she came to the United States legally, her own statements suggest she first came to the country on a short-term visa that would not have authorized her to work as a model. Trump has also said she came to New York in 1996, but the nude photo shoot places her in the United States in 1995, as does a biography published in February by Slovenian journalists.

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