August 3, 2016


Few Republicans want to campaign with Trump : POLITICO asked four dozen GOP candidates a simple question: Will you campaign with Donald Trump? Hardly any said yes. (ALEX ISENSTADT and THEODORIC MEYER 08/02/16, Politico)

As Donald Trump staggers following a series of self-inflicted political wounds, Republican candidates up and down the ballot are expressing growing disinterest in hitting the campaign trail with him this fall.

Over the last week, POLITICO surveyed nearly 50 GOP candidates in competitive House, Senate and governor's races on whether they'd be willing to campaign with the Republican nominee. Only a handful said yes -- and the rest said no, refused to commit, or didn't respond at all.

It's an unusual turn of events. Typically down-ballot candidates -- eager to generate excitement and media attention for themselves, to turbocharge fundraising, and to increase their stature -- spend the fall months proudly campaigning alongside their presidential nominee.

But in the year of Trump, appearing on the same stage as the party's standard-bearer, whose negative ratings are higher than any GOP nominee in recent memory, is perilous for those running in hyper-competitive states and districts.

"I would recommend they have a perpetual scheduling conflict," said Rob Jesmer, a former National Republican Senatorial Committee executive director who advises a number of the party's most prominent lawmakers.

New Hampshire voters unmoved by Trump's criticism of Ayotte (The Associated Press, 8/03/16)

 New Hampshire voters are largely dismissing Donald Trump's new criticism of Republican Sen. Kelly Ayotte as campaign chatter that reflects more poorly on the businessman than it does on Ayotte.

"I don't think she necessarily said or did anything wrong, she spoke her values," said Amy Wright, a Democrat from Hopkinton who doesn't support Ayotte's re-election. "He plays very unfair." [...]

Most polling shows Ayotte is faring better among New Hampshire voters than Trump.

Pat Lodi, a self-described independent from Hooksett who plans to vote for Ayotte, said Trump should be careful criticizing Ayotte.

"Anything negative he says," Lodi said. "Reflects poorly on him."

Of course, everything he says reflects poorly on him.

Billionaire Klarman slams Trump, vows to work for Clinton  (LAWRENCE DELEVINGNE, 8/03/16, Reuters)

Billionaire hedge fund manager Seth Klarman said on Wednesday he would work to get Hillary Clinton elected president of the United States because he finds recent comments by Donald Trump "shockingly unacceptable."

"His words and actions over the last several days are so shockingly unacceptable in our diverse and democratic society that it is simply unthinkable that Donald Trump could become our president," Klarman said of the Republican presidential nominee. [...]

Klarman, whose Boston-based investment firm manages $29 billion, is registered as an independent voter. But a review of filings showed that his political giving has largely benefited Republicans over the years, including donations this election cycle to political action committees that supported primary candidates Jeb Bush, Chris Christie and Marco Rubio.

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