July 24, 2016


Don't Overstate the Terrorist Threat : The mass murder in Nice was horrific, but it doesn't mean that ISIS is on the rise. (MICHAEL FUMENTO • July 22, 2016, American Conservative)

As the investigation of the massacre in Nice continues, authorities continue to find no evidence that killer Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel had any ties to terrorist networks. So why have so many so quick to invoke ISIS? And more importantly, why do so many continue to conflate "ordered or planned by ISIS" with "ISIS-inspired"?

For all the speculation of real connections--and ISIS' own attempt to claim "credit"--the evidence has pointed the other way from the start. Compare the awful expertise and professionalism shown by the ISIS killers in Paris the night of November 17 with Bouhlel's awful wild ride. The Paris attack involved three coordinated attacks, suicide belts, shooting prowess, and slipping past security guards. In Nice, the perpetrator simply rented the biggest truck he could a couple of days beforehand and cased the location. Bouhlel didn't even wear easily obtainable body armor that might have allowed him to kill far more people before being shot himself. The reports of the truck being packed with weapons including grenades proved false, although he did have one working gun. [...]

[T]here's no shortage of evidence that Bouhlel was the proverbial ticking time bomb. He had previously been convicted of assault, having hurled a wooden pallet at another driver after a traffic accident. His wife had recently thrown him out of his home, taking his kids away in the process, for allegedly physically abusing her and other family members. This is not only evidence that he was already unbalanced, but also the sort of thing that could have pushed him even further in that direction. His father said that his mental health indeed deteriorated after the separation.

It appears Bouhlel has long had serious mental-health problems. His father said he suffered from nervous breakdowns in which he "broke everything," and that, while still living with his family, he "defecated all over the place" and shredded his daughter's teddy bear.

Religiously motivated? Though nominally Muslim, "Bouhlel was not religious," his wife's cousin, Walid Hamou, told the British Daily Mail. "He did not go to the mosque. He did not pray. He did not observe Ramadan. He drank alcohol, ate pork and took drugs. This is all forbidden under Islam." Not to mention his womanizing and bisexuality.

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