July 30, 2016


For First Time, Trump's Image on Par With Clinton's (Frank Newport, 7/30/16, Gallup)

[T]rump's speech got the least positive reviews of any speech we have tested after the fact: 35% of Americans interviewed last weekend said it was excellent or good. Of the nine previous speeches we have rated, the top one was Barack Obama's in August 2008, which 58% of Americans rated as excellent or good. The lowest-rated speech other than Trump's was Mitt Romney's in 2012, with 38% excellent or good.

Among just those who reported that they watched "a great deal" of the GOP convention, Trump's speech rating was much better: 58% of this group rated Trump's speech as excellent or good (with only 1% not having an opinion or saying they didn't watch the speech). Of those who watched very little or none of the convention, 19% rated Trump's speech as excellent or good, with 26% saying they didn't watch or didn't have an opinion. But this same type of disparity has been evident in our previous reviews of reactions to acceptance speeches as well, and the key finding is that, putting it all together, Trump's speech received lukewarm ratings, based on historical comparisons.

The self-reported net impact of the GOP convention was also negative. Overall, 51% of Americans say the convention made them less likely to vote for Trump, while 36% said it made them more likely to vote for him. This is the highest "less likely to vote" percentage for a candidate in the 15 times Gallup has asked this question after a convention. 

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