July 6, 2016


TRUMP, THE MAN AND THE IMAGE : His words increasingly signify his confusion about who he is and what he has got himself into. (Mark Singer, 7/05/16, The New Yorker)

No one disputes that Trump is not a politician; he is a visionary salesman whose ingenious project, hatched while he was still in his twenties, was to brand and plaster himself everywhere. He started with the family business--real estate--and then expanded to ca{***]os. Despite several bankruptcies, he continued to pursue myriad schemes that epitomized A. J. Liebling's "man who mulcts another man of a dollar, or any fraction or multiple thereof." Trump had long since chosen to reduce--or, in his calculation, surely, to inflate--himself to a persona: "Donald Trump." Pivoting to Trump 2.0 likewise meant having no use for the intimacies and the self-examination inherent in personhood. The praise Trump elicits from voters for his "authenticity," for "telling it like it is," elides the fact that he is committed to hiding his human side from the world and, for that matter, from himself. "I don't like to analyze myself because I might not like what I see," he confessed to one of his biographers, Michael D'Antonio.

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