July 12, 2016


Robots Replacing Developers? This Startup Uses Automation To Build Smart Software (Julian Mitchell, 7/12/16, Forbes)

For companies dependent on manpower to manage these responsibilities, efficiency becomes contingent upon talent and training, guided by sharp instincts and relentlessly working around the clock to assure tasks are not only completed effectively, but to further offset the likelihood of human error. For software developers, who have an extremely detailed and meticulous role, being such an invaluable piece to the puzzle can prove to be very risky, time-consuming and equally as expensive; especially as testing, predicting and automating becomes increasingly paramount. As companies aim to cut costs without sacrificing quality, while understanding the core function of technology is to provide streamline solutions to complex problems, what arises is the notorious battle of man versus machine, and also where a company like Dev9 steps in.

Dev9 is a custom software development company focused on Java and Java Script technologies, working with companies to construct best-in-class software development teams. Building software solutions based on Continuous Delivery, a set of principles and practices using Lean and heavy automation, Dev9 assembles teams that use artificial intelligence to develop custom software, eliminating strenuous processes and drastically reducing manual overhead. In addition to providing an extensive suite of web services, Dev9 also builds mobile applications for platforms such as iOS and Android.

Using teams of 3-8 people, with expertise ranging from architecture, development, project management, quality and deployment, Dev9 develops original technology that rapidly, reliably and repeatedly pushes software enhancements and bug fixes to customers at a low risk. Implementing techniques such as automated testing, continuous automation and automated deployments allows the Seattle-based company to meet a high standard, easily packaging and deploying into test environments. By automating traditionally manual processes, Dev9 empowers businesses to focus on growth, collaborating to fulfill technical needs in a way that consolidate complex workflows into a simple handoff.

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