June 21, 2016


California Republicans Headed for the Slaughterhouse (Martin Longman, June 20, 2016, Washington Monthly)

There are a couple of outliers, but the general consensus of the polls is that Donald Trump is going to get right around 33% of the vote in California. Maybe when all the undecideds are counted, he'll do slightly better than that, but it's still likely that when Election Day rolls around in November, Golden State Republicans will be looking at a party champion who is trailing by twenty points or more. It's hard to find a reason to drag yourself to the polls under circumstances like that.

Now, maybe a Republican might get motivated to vote in the governor's race, but there is no governor's race there this year. And, perhaps a good Senate contest might interest a conservative voter, but the only two people on the ticket in November in the race to replace Barbara Boxer are Democrats: Attorney General Kamala Harris and Rep. Loretta Sanchez. And check this out:

A USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times poll released this week found Harris leading Sanchez 47 percent to 22 percent. The survey also found that 64 percent of Republicans said they would not cast a ballot for either candidate in November.

Now, if there is no governor's race and the presidential race is a foregone conclusion (and don't forget that Californians will know how most of the country voted long before their own polls close) and 64% of Republicans have no intentions of casting a vote in the Senate race, then the only reason most California Republicans will have to show up at the polls is to cast a vote for their U.S. Representative and some state and local races.

Can you imagine the turnout challenge facing Republicans running for the House of Representatives this fall?

Trump wants to make the nation look like this for the GOP.

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