June 4, 2016


The eight ingredients that created the Swedish model (Anders Kallstrom, 31 May 2016, The Local)

6. Few conflicts

We want to agree. Consensus is a Swedish virtue. The parties of the labour market negotiate when they disagree, rather than going on strike. Swedish companies still have very loyal co-workers. Trade unions are these days often just as much partners as opposition to company bosses. [...]

8. Long-term thinking

Owners and managers have historically aimed to create their life's work which is meant to be at its best when they themselves leave behind their active lives, rather than peaking just before the publications of each monthly and quarterly financial statements. The state of the actual financial accounts has been determined by that which is left behind. Swedish capitalism is still dominated mainly by long-term owners, even though the threat of short-termism is all the more often "breathing down their necks".

This is how we founded the Sweden we know today and it is, in essence, according to these principles that Sweden must continue to develop. These eight points are, as I see it, the basic elements of the Swedish model.

Which party or parties may then take credit for founding this model? The Social Democrats were founded in 1889. The Moderates in 1904. The Centre Party in 1913. The Left Party in 1917. The Liberals in 1934. The Christian Democrats in 1964. The Green Party in 1981. The Sweden Democrats in 1988. They were all born several decades after the Swedish model was established. They came into power far later. All parties have therefore rather inherited the Swedish model.

Inherited from whom? Well, credit for the Swedish model falls to the Swedish people, who have been doing so many things right for so long. That is why Sweden - regardless of government or parliament majority - is almost always one of the best performing countries in the world. When the government, as it is now, is a bit shaky, Sweden simply turns on its 'autopilot' in the form of the Swedish model.

The real achievement is to sustain such conformity with diverse populations, as we have in the Anglosphere.

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