June 4, 2016


Khomeini's grandson says there is more to Islam than hijab (Arash Karami, June 2, 2016, Al Monitor)

During the two-hour interview, Hassan Khomeini was mostly invited to discuss his memories of the final years of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini's personal life, and his religious and political views. However, Hassan Khomeini took the opportunity on a few occasions to present his own views on controversial domestic issues.

"When we say piety, we say the hijab, prayers, fasting, non-mixing between unrelated men and women -- these are certainly parts of religion but religion is not only this," said Hassan Khomeini when asked about his grandfather's contribution to religion and its importance for Iranians today. "Religion is the rights of the people. Religion is fighting oppression. Religion is that one institution that must not take away someone's rights. Religion means that everyone can speak freely. Religion means that there is no poverty in society."

When asked by the interviewer to discuss how Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini was aware of the people's demands, Hassan Khomeini, without mentioning the name of former President Mohammad Khatami, discussed the media ban on the Reformist politician. "Today you realize you cannot prevent someone's words from reaching people," he said. "Meaning you cannot ban someone's images, ban them from speeches or ban someone from speaking to someone else. In reality this is mocking ourselves." Many believe that Khatami's position on the 2009 contested presidential elections caused his media ban. However, the popular former president is still influential; his video-recorded message urging Iranians to vote for Reformist candidates in the February parliamentary election was one of the most popular of the election period.

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