May 2, 2016


The Best Things to Buy at the Dollar Store (Patrick Allan, 5/02/16, Lifehacker)

Cleaning Supplies: The household cleaning products at the dollar store, like window cleaner, bleach, and dish soap, are just as effective as the pricier stuff at the supermarket. The ingredients are pretty much the same, they'll just have cheap labels and silly names.

Tools: Depending on your local dollar store, you can usually find decent tools. You're not going to find brand-name power tools, but there are screwdrivers, hammers, tape measures, and other simple stuff that works and gets the job done. If you want to put together a basic toolbox for small, occasional projects, start at the dollar store.

Kitchen Utensils and Tableware: Spatulas, tongs, mixing bowls, and even tableware like plates and cereal bowls from the dollar store are affordable, and often just as sturdy as something you'd buy elsewhere. I personally outfitted my entire table set, including utensils, from a dollar store and they actually look pretty great. Some items, like pots and pans, appliances, and chef's knives are probably worth spending some money on though.You don't have to pay for a set of knives, but you'll definitely want a few nice ones.

Shampoo, Deodorant, and Other Bathroom Products: If you don't mind using generic or off-brands, Consumer Reports explains that shampoo, deodorant, soap, and body wash are basically the same ingredients you pay more for elsewhere, and in some cases, the same companies that make the brand name stuff make the generic versions. Even first aid items like bandages and antiseptic cream are a good buy. [...]

Reading Glasses: If you can find them, reading glasses at dollar stores are basically the same thing you'd find at the drugstore or supermarket, only a lot cheaper. You don't have to worry about breaking them or losing them, so grab a few pairs.

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