March 31, 2016


Iranian Public Attitudes Before & After Parliamentary Elections (Nancy Gallagher, Ebrahim Mohseni, Clay Ramsay, March 2016, CISSM Report)

1. Views of the Conduct of the February 2016 Majlis Elections 
Four in ten Iranians say the Majlis (Iran's Parliament) elections were very fair, and another four in ten think they were somewhat free and fair. Also, eight in ten say they were at least somewhat satisfied with the final makeup of the candidates for whom they could vote.

2. Views of the Outcome of the Majlis Elections: President Rouhani & his Critics 
A large majority of Iranians say they voted for candidates who were supporters of President Hassan Rouhani. Rouhani still enjoys high levels of popular support in Iran. Nearly eight in ten Iranians continue to have a favorable opinion of Rouhani. Yet the percentage saying they have a very favorable opinion has consistently eroded since August 2015, soon after the nuclear deal was reached.  Two thirds support greater economic engagement with the West--a Rouhani agenda. While views about the current economic situation have not improved, optimism has grown, with more than half now thinking that the economy is getting better.

3. Views of the Outcome of the Majlis Elections: Principlist, Reformist, and Independents
In terms of the preferred candidates' political orientation, roughly equal proportions say they voted for the Principlists, Reformists, and independents. While those who voted for Reformist candidates were more likely to say they voted for pro-Rouhani candidates, a majority in all three groups said they voted for pro-Rouhani candidates, suggesting that Rouhani's support is broad-based. 

Officials: US mulls new rules on dollars to help Iran (BRADLEY KLAPPER and MATTHEW LEE, Mar. 31, 2016, AP) 

The Obama administration may soon tell foreign governments and banks they can start using the dollar in some instances to facilitate business with Iran, officials told The Associated Press, describing an arcane tweak to U.S. financial rules that could prove significant for Tehran's sanctions-battered economy.

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