March 22, 2016


Men in the U.S. Illegally Are More Likely to Work Than Men Born Here, For Less (JEFFREY SPARSHOTT. Mar 22, 2016, wsj)

Men in the U.S. illegally are more likely to work than their native-born counterparts, and they're willing to take jobs pretty much regardless of how much or little they get paid, new research from Harvard University finds. [...]

In separate research last year, The Pew Research Center found the number of illegal immigrants has remained stable for the past five years at 11.3 million, following decades of rapid growth. Among that group, 8.1 million are working or looking for work, accounting for about 5% of the U.S. labor force.

The latest research suggests that men in that category are willing to do jobs that many native-born American men shun--at least at the wages on offer.

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