February 12, 2016


As a Christian, I say to Mike Bickle: A thousand times no! (Stan Goodenough, 2/12/16, Times of Israel)

Many of you who hear what he has said may well feel confirmed in your suspicions and well-founded fears about the agenda behind Evangelical support for modern day Israel. You believe that many of us -- for I am one such Christian -- are energized by and support the return of your people to your ancient land primarily because we believe it will help bring about the fulfillment of Christian interpretations of biblical prophecy, never mind that it is always, always at the expense of the Jews.

I wish to go on the record as personally repudiating -- before G-d -- everything these recordings say lies ahead for the nation of Israel/the Jewish people (who in my understanding are one and the same). What's more, I believe every Christian Zionist who has his insight from the pages of the Bible, rather than from the teachings of popular prophecy experts, will spurn and denounce such views.

At the heart of them, these views predict a totally devastating future for the Jews -- death camps and a holocaust that will exceed the Shoah in horror and murder -- leaving 10 to 14 million Jews slaughtered and the remaining five to seven million converted to Christianity.

In essence, what such preachers are saying is that G-d will force-convert Jews to believe in Jesus as Messiah at the 'point of a sword' -- just as Crusaders and Cossacks and Inquisitors all sought to do. On top of that, they hold that G-d would lure His ancient Chosen People into a trap, promising them peace and safety back in their land, but all the while intending to let the wolves into the sheepfold He has brought them back to, only to tear two-thirds of them apart.

(It is noteworthy that ISIS and other Muslim clerics preach the same thing -- that Allah has brought the Jews back from the four corners of the world to their great graveyard. Thankfully, the Allah of Radical Islam and the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob are not the same being at all.)

What a sick, twisted interpretation of the Scriptures that carry such a weight of wonderful promise for your re-gathered and restored people; how frightfully misrepresentative of the words and guaranteed assurances of the One who calls Himself the G-d and the Shepherd of Israel.

What I want to say as clearly as I can, is that the Christian beliefs that inform me -- and inform other Christian Zionists like me who wish to devote our lives to standing with and fighting for Israel -- are jam-packed with a strong message of hope for the future of your entire nation.

The UR at least had the decency to disavow the Rev. Wright.

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