December 9, 2015


Jeb Bush Has an Unlikely Group of Supporters: Millennials (CANDACE SMITH, Dec 9, 2015, ABC News)

[T]he millennials present on Wednesday could care less about the latest polls.

Tori Purtell, a freshman economics major at Saint Anselm College in Manchester, said it was too early to make up her mind. But after hearing Bush, she said she's now seriously considering him, along with Rubio.

"He just has this amazing charisma to him...he's very relatable but you can tell that he has just has a brilliant mind, you want to hear what he has to say and do," she said.

She added, "I wish I could listen to him talk all day, he was amazing."

Tommy Royer, a sophomore studying business at Saint Anselm College, admitted that Bush isn't the candidate typically thought of as being able to attract young voters.

"I mean [he's] not necessarily the normal candidate that appeals to young people but what I'm more concerned about is that he seems like a real person. He gave us real answers, it wasn't all completely based on politics, which I really like," Royers said.

Bush's campaign is not neglecting the youth population. His son, Jeb Jr., has hosted dozens of events focused on young voters, and the campaign also has organized support at 450 college campuses in 45 states.

Bush also reflected on his relationship with his father and how how he "idolized" him.

"I realized if I tried to achieve what I thought my dad was that I would be good about 50 percent of the way there. I could either accept that as a traumatic experience and go get therapy and live a miserable life or I could accept being half the man my dad was or is and still live a life of purpose and meaning," Bush said.

The former Florida governor spoke on immigration and the need to defeat ISIS along with the importance of candidates having a strategy to defeat them. Speaking to reporters afterwards, Bush continued his denunciation of Trump's plan to ban all Muslims entering the country. Bush has called Trump "unhinged" and said that Trump's comments marginalize Muslims and play into the terrorist group's hands. Today, he supported Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netaynahu's condemnation of Trump's comments.

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