December 1, 2015


Hillary Clinton's Middle-Class Tax Pledge Divides Democrats (Sam Frizell,  Nov. 25, 2015, TIME)

The no-new-taxes pledge is emblematic of the broader concerns about a Clinton presidency raised by the progressive side of the party. Critics say it is a crafty political move that would limit the ambition of proposals on everything from expanding Social Security to healthcare reform. It reinforces a long-running Republican argument that some would prefer to defeat head on. And, to put it simply, it makes it hard to pay for things Democrats want.

At the heart of the debate, critics of Clinton's pledge say, is how committed the Democratic Party will be to a progressive agenda in the coming years.

"There are situations where the middle class would clearly benefit by paying for government program rather than the private sector," said Jim Dean, the chair of Democracy for America and brother of 2004 presidential candidate Howard Dean. "As Democrats, we can't get into this discussion of, 'I'm not going to raise taxes, and the others are tax-and-spend liberals.'"

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