December 13, 2015


Ben Carson's Ties to Mannatech Are Many : The neurosurgeon recommended the supplements be bought through an aide now on his campaign staff (MARK MAREMONT And  CHRISTOPHER S. STEWART, Dec. 13, 2015, WSJ)

During a campaign that has made him a top GOP contender, Mr. Carson has tried to distance himself from Mannatech, which has battled regulators' accusations that it made deceptive health claims for its products.

"It is absolutely absurd to say that I had any kind of relationship" with Mannatech, Mr. Carson said when asked about those ties during an October GOP debate. He said at the debate that he gave "a couple of speeches" for the company and believes its supplements helped him personally. Mannatech, based in Coppell, Texas, said Mr. Carson has never been a paid endorser or spokesman.

A closer review, however, reveals previously undisclosed ties and a tighter relationship between the famed physician and the company.

Mr. Carson, in an interview, said he doesn't recall Mr. Siegel, but said he did suggest patients consider Mannatech products "probably a handful of times," generally "in circumstances where none of the standard treatments were appropriate."

Asked if Mr. Carson was understating his relationship to the company, the campaign reiterated he had no "contractual" relationship.

In a 2009 letter to Mannatech's then-CEO, Mr. Carson thanked the company for a $25,000 donation to help fund an endowed professorship Mr. Carson had been awarded by Johns Hopkins, according to a copy reviewed by The Wall Street Journal.

"May God continue to richly bless the entire organization as you serve Him and mankind," Mr. Carson wrote. Mannatech's products have often been marketed to an evangelical Christian audience.

In the interview, Mr. Carson said the letter was sent in error. that Dr. Carson is clearly an also-ran even the bitterest partisans don't bother to defend him anymore and conveniently forget they they ever did.

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