November 14, 2015


Father, brother of Paris attacker placed in custody (AFP November 15, 2015)

Police took into custody Saturday the father and brother of a French gunman linked to a string of deadly Paris attacks and were searching their homes, a source close to the probe told AFP. [...]

Investigators were also searching the homes of friends and relatives of the Frenchman, another source close to the enquiry said.

The father's house is located in the small town of Romilly-sur-Seine, some 130 kilometers (80 miles) east of Paris, while his brother's is south of Paris in the Essonne region.

Paris attacks: severed finger found at Bataclan theatre identifies attacker (Michael Safi,  15 November 2015, The Guardian)

Mostefai's former home and birthplace in Courcouronnes, a town in Essonnes south of Paris, was searched on Saturday. Jean-Pierre Georges, a French MP, said the alleged terrorist also lived in Chartres, in south-west Paris, until 2012.

Mostefai had a criminal record, convicted of eight crimes between 2004 and 2010, but was never jailed. He was flagged as a radicalisation risk by French intelligence in 2010, Paris prosecutor Francois Molins said on Saturday.

Known terror suspect travelled through three European countries before suicide strike (Raziye Akkoc, and Barney Henderson, 15 Nov 2015, The Telegraph)

Associated Press reports that seven people have been detained in Belgium, according to an official, and that of the attackers, two were Frenchmen living in Brussels.

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