November 14, 2015


Former MI6 chief: IS may not be responsible for Paris attacks : Richard Dearlove also commented on the difference between the French and British Muslim experience (Jay Elwes, November 14, 2015, Prospect)

Dearlove was in Paris only 48 hrs ago, speaking to A French security think tank. "Talking to DGSI [French intelligence] contacts in Paris they were saying to me that the level of'La Haine in France between deprived young Muslims and traditional Catholic France is unprecedented and that they have been expecting the worst," he told .

"The social exclusion of young Muslims in the banlieu of Paris is also of a level you don't find in the UK," she said.

Dearlove served a significant period of his career in Paris and has remained close to the French intelligence and security services.

"I would expect to discover that the shooters were in the majority of French nationality or resident there for some time," said Dearlove. "This attack may well have a specifically French signature," he said, adding that "its relevance to the UK as such is rather less than will be claimed by the government and majority of the media."

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