October 23, 2015


Is this the end of the two-state solution (as we know it)? (Dany Bahar, 10/23/15, Times of Israel)

This is the scenario where the Palestinian Authority (PA) officially endorses the one state solution. Back in 2012, I met Saeb Erakat, the chief negotiator of the PA. He said something that worries me up until today: "It is not Hamas who will take over the PA. It is a new generation of secular and 'westernized' young Palestinians who will." This new generation of Palestinians is not motivated by Islamist values, nor it supports Hamas, ISIS or any other Islamist group.

But the Palestinians that belong to this generation do not support the PA leadership either, who has been promising for over 20 years that the way out is through negotiations. They have accumulated frustration about the unfulfilled promises made by the PA and the older generation. Thus, they see in the PA a corrupt body that does not represent their interest anymore. Even worse, they see in Israel no partner and they are against negotiations and normalization with Israel. They know that time is on their side.

I've encountered some of this people. They are smart, talented, well educated and with very international backgrounds. They do not like violence. On the contrary, they profess a message based on human rights and democracy. They want a "one man one vote" state: they want a one state solution. But both they and we know that a one state solution means the end of Israel as the homeland of the Jewish people.

Thus, this is why this wave of violence is scarier than anything else we've seen before: it might be the beginning of the end of the two-state solution. Of course, Israelis are also responsible for this. We've had a government that for 6 years has focused all of its diplomatic efforts on delegitimizing the moderates in the PA (such as Abu Mazen), and have -- ironically enough -- chosen to negotiate with Hamas every time there is the need for a cease-fire.

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