October 26, 2015


How Paul Ryan Went From Wingnut to RINO (Matt Lewis, 10/26/15, Daily Beast)

The surprising reasons why the one-time conservative wunderkind is now considered a traitor by many on the right. ()he GOP is at a crossroads. This is not entirely new. But once the conservative battle against the "establishment" was about ideology; the "Rockefeller Republicans" really were liberals. Today, the fight isn't about political philosophy. It's not about right versus left, but us versus them. Being an institutionalist (someone who doesn't want to figuratively burn everything down) is tantamount to being a liberal. Believing in prudence, experience, and wisdom once defined being a Burkean conservative; today, those values label you a RINO.

We have also seen a shift in terms of issues. In some cases, this isn't a matter of certain issues taking on a higher priority, but a compete reversal of which issues constitute as "conservative." Free trade and entitlement reform were once pretty important for conservatives. Today, Donald Trump--the new Mr. Conservative?--loudly opposes both. Being against tax hikes and abortion used to make one a conservative in good standing. Today, Trump wants to raise taxes on the rich, and Ann Coulter says Trump can perform abortions in the White House--so long as he deports all the illegal immigrants.

Which brings us to the obvious point. Much of this boils down to Paul Ryan's past support for immigration reform--and the fact that this has become the one and only litmus test for populist conservatives.

There's a reason you can't tell the difference between Bernie and Donald : the Right and the Left, throughout the Anglosphere, are both necessarily opposed to elective government as it exists at the End of History.

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