October 14, 2015


Meet Doc Savage, the most famous superhero you've never heard of (David Koepsell, 10/13/15, The Conversation)

His name is Clark and his father (later murdered) raised him to be a savior to humanity. He possesses superhuman strength and finely tuned senses. He is the world's greatest detective, an inventor, chemist, surgeon and martial artist. Villains the world over want him dead, but through his intelligence, strength, cunning and technological prowess he's always able to defeat them - all while staying faithful to a personal edict to spare all lives.

No, he's not a mash-up of Superman and Batman; rather, he's Clark (Doc) Savage, Jr, a character created in 1933 by Lester Dent. And he actually served as inspiration for Superman and Batman.

Savage's height of popularity was during the chaos of the Depression and World War II. (He also experienced a brief resurgence through reprints of the original novels during the Vietnam era.)

To many, he is the greatest superhero to ever appear, the source of hundreds of iterations - first in "pulps," later in comics, radio, television and film.

However, today he's largely forgotten; at best, his name sparks the vague recognition of a lost hero.

Where did he go and why did he disappear from popular culture? And can he make a comeback?

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