October 19, 2015


Report: Colts player screamed 'Don't snap it!' on infamous play (Steve DelVecchio, 10/19/15, Yardbarker)

As if the play wasn't already mind-blowing enough, Patriots broadcaster Scott Zolak said New England running back Brandon Bolden -- who made the tackle -- told him Colt Anderson was screaming at Whalen to not snap the ball.

A classic case of Bill Belichick getting in the opponent's head. He has the power to cloud men's minds.

DUMB FOOTBALL WITH MIKE TUNISON, WEEK 6 [profanity alert] (Mike Tunison, 10/19/15, Vice)

There is just so much Dumb Football out there--entire teams full of it. Every once in a while, though, there's Transcendentally Dumb Football. That's the gift that Chuck Pagano and the Colts lavished upon the world on Sunday night. They gave us football so dumb, it negated all the dumb football that came before that day, washed it away in a cleansing tide of duh. It made the entire sport a little more dumb, and all of us dumber for having watched it. Our imaginations were stoked by the possibility of what stupidity could do. It showed us how to dream new and more idiotic dreams.

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