October 28, 2015


Can this online vision test replace your eye doctor? (Jessica Hullinger, October 27, 2015, The Week)

For those of us with less-than-perfect eyesight, making time for regular appointments with the eye doctor can be a pain. The hassle of finding an office that takes your insurance, creating space in your schedule, taking time off work, and paying for your appointment is enough to prevent some people from getting regular check-ups at all, which is why so many of us are walking around with old prescription glasses and contact lenses that are well beyond their expiration date.

A company called Opternative saw a need for innovation in this arena, and created an online eye test, all but cutting out the eye doctor entirely. "The eye exam has evolved," the company touts. All you need to take the test is a computer, a smartphone, and 12 feet of space to put between you and your computer screen. A series of shapes, numbers, and letters will appear and your smartphone guides you through questions and serves as a remote control for selecting answers.

Once the test is over, your results are sent to a licensed ophthalmologist for review. If everything looks normal, he or she writes you a prescription for glasses or contact lenses, which you can have filled anywhere. The process costs $40 for glasses or contacts, $60 for both. No copays or unexpected appointment fees. It's quick and convenient.

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