October 18, 2015


Bill Maher pressures Bernie Sanders on how to pay for 'socialist' measures (Joanna Walters, 17 October 2015, The Guardian)

The comedian, political commentator and talkshow host Bill Maher put Bernie Sanders under pressure on Friday night, over how the candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination would pay for his "socialist" agenda for the nation.

Appearing on HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher, Sanders walked on stage to rapturous cheers from a traditionally liberal studio audience. Maher began softly, by declaring that he supported the 74-year-old independent Vermont senator for the Democratic nomination.

But in a surprise move, Maher then challenged Sanders to explain exactly how he would raise the money for policies such as universal healthcare and free tuition at public colleges.

Maher accused Sanders of merely "preaching to the converted" with his radical message, at large rallies that have won him between 25% and 30% of Democratic support in national polls. [...]

On Friday night, Maher said: "The tax revenue that you would get just from taxing the people who I think your fans think you're talking about, the people who own a yacht, doesn't come close to covering what you want to pay for."

Sanders looked surprised. [...]

"But it couldn't even work in your home state of Vermont," Maher said. "They were going to institute it, and the governor said, 'It's going to cost too much money. We just can't do it. It would be the entire budget.' That's true."

Sanders seemed unsure how to respond.

"No ... well, it's not..." he stammered. "I'm not the governor from the state of Vermont, I'm the senator from the state of Vermont ..."

If you're not ready for a question about National Health what have you been doing for the past 74 years?
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