August 22, 2015


Israel's Other Existential Threat Comes From Within (HILIK BARAUG. 20, 2015, NY Times)

Successive right-wing governments have adopted the mantra "there is no partner for peace." Of course, the Palestinians have not been the perfect partner -- and, of course, there is no such thing. You make peace with your enemies, as Yitzhak Rabin used to say.

In place of negotiations toward a two-state solution, however, the increasingly radicalized Israeli right has developed a strategy of "conflict management." The results are in: endless operations in Gaza, Israel's southern residents living under impossible conditions, Jerusalem on the verge of a third intifada, weakened Israeli deterrence and an Israel increasingly isolated in the world.

The only way for Israel now to remain both Jewish and democratic -- that is, for Israel to remain a democracy and retain its Jewish majority -- is to separate from the Palestinians via a two-state solution. Without such a settlement, Israel is drifting ineluctably toward becoming a binational state. And make no mistake: The logic of the binational state means an end to the Zionist project. This threat to Israel is so grave partly because it is happening at a slow enough pace that our leaders can essentially ignore the problem without facing electoral catastrophe.

A non-democratic Israel is neither Western nor an ally.

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