August 2, 2015


A shameful day for Israel (David Horovitz, 8/02/15, Times of Israel)

"We have been lax in tackling Jewish terrorism," President Reuven Rivlin acknowledged Friday, and he was right. "Price tag" attacks, hate crimes, acts of Jewish terrorism -- call them what you will, Israel's authorities have failed to prevent them, and failed overwhelmingly to apprehend those responsible for them.

Condemnation across the spectrum is not sufficient. Israel needs to act -- to catch the killers who targeted the Dawabsha family and the gangs who have carried out dozens of other attacks, and to work a great deal harder to prevent future such crimes.

Israeli intelligence and security are not perfect. Just witness the utter fiasco of Yishai Schlisser, who attacked participants at the Jerusalem Pride Parade in 2005, being released three weeks ago, making plain in interviews and statements that he was determined to repeat his crime, and yet being able to do so, to devastating effect, on Thursday afternoon. But the accumulation of unsolved hate crimes in the weeks, months and years before the Dawabsha attack would strongly suggest that Jewish terrorism has not been a top priority for Israel's security establishment. It needs to be. (Israel's Channel 2 reported Friday night that there have been 15 fire-bombings of Palestinian homes in the West Bank since 2008 by suspected Jewish terrorists; none of the assailants has been caught.)

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