June 19, 2015


Why immigrants make America's crime rate plunge (Matt Hansen, June 19, 2015, The Week)

According to the study, the crime rate in Los Angeles has fallen to historic lows, in line with a nationwide trend. But L.A. -- a city in which 35 percent of residents were not born in the U.S. -- has actually seen crime rates go down at a faster rate than cities with fewer immigrants.

Other research backs up the link. A 2008 study from the Public Policy Institute of California found that despite comprising 35 percent of the state's population, only 17 percent of California's prisoners were foreign-born immigrants. This means that adult males born in the United States were jailed nearly 3.3 times more often than men born outside the country.

And a 2009 study from the Rand Corporation found that kids growing up in first-generation immigrant households were less likely to be victims of violence than kids growing up in U.S.-born households, even when they lived in the same low-income neighborhoods. The researchers said their findings indicated that living in an immigrant household was "a protective mechanism even in distressed neighborhoods" where violence was common.

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