May 16, 2015


US special forces kill Isis commander and capture wife in Syria raid (Spencer Ackerman,  16 May 2015, The Guardian)

US special operations forces have killed an Islamic State commander through a dramatic and secretive raid into Syria and have taken a woman prisoner, the first US-held detainee of the war against Isis and a move that places immediate stress on one of Barack Obama's signature wartime policies.

Ashton Carter, the US defense secretary, confirmed on Saturday that Obama ordered the elite troops to raid a location in eastern Syria and "capture" an Isis figure, Abu Sayyaf. Unusually, Carter said the raid also targeted the man's wife, identified as Umm Sayyaf.

Abu Sayyaf was killed in the raid, Carter said. Umm Sayyaf was taken prisoner - a rarity for the Obama administration, whose reluctance to add to the complexities of US wartime detentions has often led it to kill battlefield targets instead of capturing them.

All the guy cares about is winning the WoT and expanding trade.

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