April 16, 2015


Iran bill unlikely to scuttle deal : The White House believes it got what it needed from Congress. (EDWARD-ISAAC DOVERE and BURGESS EVERETT 4/16/15, Politico)

"If the deal ends up looking a lot like the framework, I think the president will be able to sell it," said Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.), a major proponent of the bill because he believed in Congress's constitutional prerogative.

Asked about the possibility of Democrats opposing Obama on Iran, Sen. Martin Heinrich (D-N.M.) replied: "It looks unlikely given the details of the framework."

White House officials believe they got the best outcome possible, and they need to hold just 34 Democrats in the Senate or 144 in the House to keep Republicans from getting in its way.

"Given the noise of this debate, it quickly became in our interest to channel that noise in a direction where it can be contained," a White House official said Wednesday. "We concluded that we're just better off locking them into a position so they can have their say -- that's the compromise -- but the benefit is there's no longer any ambiguity about what Congress can do to interfere. This is the only vehicle, the vote will only be on sanctions, there's a limit on the timing."

And now, the administration believes, the Iran negotiators can carry on in Switzerland as they try to get a deal by the June 30 deadline without worrying about what might be coming their way from Capitol Hill.

...is that the opponents support the deal, which is why they're happy to have this fake vehicle for "opposing" it.

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