April 15, 2015


Jeb Bush Says America Is World's 'Best Hope' for Religious Freedom; It's 'Non-Negotiable' (ANUGRAH KUMAR , 4/13/15, CHRISTIAN POST)

Focus on the Family and its constituents were involved in the efforts to save Terri, and Bush tried to use his executive powers to preserve her life.

"Almost every week there's an example of conflicting rights under the law," Bush acknowledges in the interview. "And I think, in the case of unborn children, who are the most vulnerable ... I think this is an issue not just among the unborn but also people that ... there's a big movement now, increasing number of assisted suicides. The most vulnerable in our society need to be protected. They need to have legal rights, and as a society we need to recognize their value and their worth."

Regarding his concerns in the area of religious freedom, Bush says it's a global issue, including the ongoing unprecedented persecution of Christians, which is about religious freedom.

Religious freedom is crucial in the United States because "we are the last great, best hope for freedom and we've been that way for a long while that amongst ourselves we have to figure out how we can sort out the fact that people are not going to be discriminated against under the law, and that people have the right space to act on their conscience. It is a non-negotiable point," Bush adds.

Talking about the immigration issue, the former governor mentions that he met his wife for the first time in Mexico when he was 17, and she was 16. He said he fell in love with her "at first sight."

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