April 2, 2015


Iran deal could unlock huge economic potential (John Defterios, 4/02/15, CNNMoney)

[I]nvestors are beginning to size up the potential of an economy that has been isolated for three decades.

The checklist of attributes Iran possesses is impressive. It has the second largest population in the Middle East with 80 million, 9% of proven oil reserves, 18% of proven gas reserves and an abundance of strategic minerals.

"If you put together the consumer potential of Turkey, the oil reserves of Saudi Arabia, the natural gas reserves of Russia, and the mineral reserves of Australia you have it all in one country," said Ramin Rabii, CEO of Iranian investment firm Turquoise Partners, on a recent visit to the United Arab Emirates.

Iranians have had to live with the pain of being largely shut out of the global economy for years.[...]

When Goldman Sachs drew up its list of "Next 11" most promising emerging markets back in 2007, Iran made the grade. The investment bank cited its energy potential, human capital and technology.

The country also has a strong, but often overlooked, industrial base. It's a heavyweight when it comes to autos, cement and steel. Iran produced 1.6 million autos in 2010, and was ranked third in cement production last year.

A good deal of the confusion about the UR's deal with Iran stems from thinking of it as a nuclear agreement rather than a trade treaty.

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