February 23, 2015


Phased U.S.-Iran Nuclear Deal Taking Shape (BRADLEY KLAPPER and GEORGE JAHN, 2/23/15,Associated Press)

The idea would be to reward Iran for good behavior over the last years of any agreement, gradually lifting constraints on its uranium enrichment program and slowly easing economic sanctions. [...]

One variation being discussed would place at least 10-year regime of strict controls on Iran's uranium enrichment program. If Iran complies, the restrictions would be gradually lifted over the last five years of such an agreement.

Iran could be allowed to operate significantly more centrifuges than the U.S. administration first demanded, though at lower capacity than they currently run. Several officials spoke of 6,500 centrifuges as a potential point of compromise, with the U.S. trying to restrict them to Iran's mainstay IR-1 model instead of more advanced machines.

It would also be forced to ship out most of the enriched uranium it produces or change it to a form that is difficult to reconvert for weapons use. It takes about 1 ton of low-enriched uranium to process into a nuclear weapon, and officials said that Tehran could be restricted to an enriched stockpile of no more than 300 kilograms (about 700 pounds).

...that you want to eliminate sanctions immediately in order to reintegrate Iran into the world economy so quickly that it reaps the rewards and builds pressure on itself not to backslide. A long phase out only serves hardliners.

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